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Professional Grading Services

Pave Master Construction has offered trusted construction and hardscaping services throughout Central New Jersey for over two decades. When you're ready to build, you can rely on our grading services to provide you with the perfect foundation for your new home or business.


Land grading is an essential part of the construction process and typically serves one of two purposes: creating an even surface for the construction of buildings or engineering natural slopes to control the process of erosion. Most commonly, homeowners and business owners hire professionals to provide grading services on a section of land to prepare it for construction. By ensuring the even distribution of soil throughout the space, land grading prevents pooling water, which can destroy a building's foundation or create runoff that damages nearby homes and businesses. Essentially, grading is the most dependable way to maximize the efficiency of surface water drainage.



Land grading requires extensive practical knowledge and the use of heavy equipment, both of which we offer at Pave Master Construction. Typically, the process involves the following steps:

  1. A loader or bulldozer is used to flatten the entire space.

  2. If necessary, dirt is moved from higher areas and placed in lower areas for even distribution. This technique is called cut and fill grading.

  3. Once the area is successfully leveled, the loader or bulldozer is again driven over the space to make it more compact.


It's best to have your property graded just before starting construction, as elements such as heavy rain and winds can damage an even surface.


With so many steps involved in the construction process, it's tempting to wonder if skipping a few may be worth the money saved. However, processes like land grading are crucial not only to the integrity of your building, but also to your neighbors' properties. Without the proper drainage facilitated by grading, you'll likely end up dealing with extensive damage that can lead to much larger expenses. It's important to count on the grading services of a professional to make sure the job is done right.


At Pave Master Construction, we have the extensive experience, skilled team, and specialized equipment needed to provide superior quality land grading services. Call our East Brunswick, NJ office today at 732-821-2424 to schedule your free estimate.

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